Recent changes

diff2023/12/09 15:0137.44.23.2K9AY feeder with BPF (11111 B)
diff2023/12/09 14:4531.31.231.117ANT splitter (2896 B)
diff2023/12/09 14:4537.44.23.2VHF-UHF - LNB 10GHz (1363 B)
diff2023/12/09 14:4431.31.231.11VHF-UHF - LNB 10GHz external reference (3520 B)
diff2023/12/09 14:4437.44.23.2TX antenna - 4SQ-8DIR NEW 8 directions 4SQ antenna (12728 B)
diff2023/12/09 14:4437.44.23.2RX antenna - Single wire classic beverage antenna (2438 B)
diff2023/12/09 14:4331.31.231.11RX antenna - CONTROLLER for K9AY and 4-way Bi-DIR beverage system (763 B)
diff2023/12/09 14:4331.31.231.11RX antenna - classic wire beverage in the air (1986 B)
diff2023/12/09 14:4237.44.23.2RX antenna - BOG beverage antenna (2453 B)
diff2023/12/09 14:4137.44.23.2RX antenna - Bi-directional 2-wire beverage ONE coax output (9795 B)
diff2023/12/09 14:3737.44.23.2Modular 7ANT RX switch (9489 B)
diff2023/12/09 14:3731.31.231.117ANT Controller (7852 B)
diff2022/11/12 18:2031.31.231.11Main page (2822 B)
diff2022/04/09 00:2137.44.23.2RX antenna - BOG vs classic wire beverage (3193 B)
diff2022/01/12 21:3137.44.23.2K9AY and Bi-dir beverage controller (10418 B)
diff2022/01/10 02:0737.44.23.2RX antenna - K9AY loops switch with remotly VARIABLE Rload (7447 B)
diff2021/12/31 18:0237.44.23.2RX antenna - Bi-directional 2-wire beverage (595 B)
diff2021/12/30 22:4237.44.23.2RX antenna - Bi-directional 2-wire beverage TWO coax output (8065 B)
diff2021/12/27 13:38185.159.92.199Band decoder MK2 (25356 B)
diff2021/11/07 18:24185.159.92.199Manual IP switch II (7776 B)
diff2021/09/09 10:1431.31.231.11RX - Common-mode current choke (3112 B)
diff2021/09/09 10:1231.31.231.11RX antenna - Single wire classic beverage (867 B)
diff2021/09/09 10:1031.31.231.11RX antenna - 4-way switch for Bi-directional 2-wire beverage (282 B)
diff2021/09/09 10:0731.31.231.11RX - Bias Tee AC DC BOX (2705 B)
diff2021/09/09 10:0531.31.231.11RX - 3BPF RX filter board (1210 B)
diff2021/09/09 10:0031.31.231.11RX antenna - 2el end-fire beverage array antenna (9438 B)
diff2021/09/09 09:5631.31.231.11RX - Common-mode current choke for coax and controller cable (3827 B)
diff2021/09/09 09:4431.31.231.11RX antenna - 2-way RX splitter small (3416 B)
diff2021/09/09 09:3931.31.231.11RX - Preamp module 2N5109 (6337 B)
diff2021/09/09 09:2531.31.231.11RX - RX preamp BOX (2433 B)
diff2021/03/18 21:3937.44.23.2RX antenna - K9AY loops switch with FIXED Rload (5316 B)
diff2021/03/18 13:1637.44.23.2RX antenna - 4-way switch KIT assembling (1952 B)
diff2021/03/07 16:5237.44.23.2RX - Bias Tee BOX (1778 B)
diff2021/02/04 14:5137.44.23.2CAT-5 and CAT-6 control cable notes (3125 B)
diff2021/01/19 17:55185.159.92.19912x4 modular Antenna switch (816 B)
diff2021/01/15 11:32185.159.92.199Open interface III (32291 B)
diff2021/01/02 18:1637.44.23.2RX antenna - 4-way Bi-dir beverage antenna system (4764 B)
diff2021/01/02 18:1537.44.23.2Antennas configuration - feeders positions (1573 B)
diff2020/11/25 18:2537.44.23.2RX - RX triplexer (2L) (1992 B)
diff2020/11/25 17:0837.44.23.2RX antenna - 2-way RX splitter (4931 B)
diff2020/10/30 21:09185.159.92.199Icom CI-V stepper (5616 B)
diff2020/08/31 15:23185.159.92.199Rotator module version 3.3 (9500 B)
diff2020/08/06 20:5431.31.231.11RX antenna - 2-way RX splitter small box (3420 B)
diff2020/08/01 23:0731.31.231.11RemoteQTH-server (1359 B)
diff2020/08/01 23:0731.31.231.11Running on model 3 B+ (528 B)
diff2020/04/15 09:0378.111.124.2106x2 Antenna switch control (8286 B)
diff2020/04/09 19:2431.31.231.11Antenna switch KIT - Six-2-One (1244 B)
diff2020/03/23 19:5131.31.231.11RX antenna - 2-way RX splitter with bypass relay (3726 B)
diff2020/03/07 19:5231.31.231.11Antenna switch KIT - Four-2-One (1255 B)
diff2019/11/13 20:31212.27.194.162Raspberry PI3-B+ GPIO interface board 2.4 (3407 B)
diff2019/07/08 21:07109.75.145.22IP Switch with ESP32-GATEWAY (12228 B)
diff2019/06/02 21:1631.31.231.11RX antenna - BOG (2203 B)
diff2019/05/30 20:4231.31.231.11RX antenna - single wire beverage KIT assembling (268 B)
diff2019/05/23 19:0231.31.231.11antenna elements (1460 B)
diff2019/05/15 19:40109.75.145.22Installation (7136 B)
diff2019/05/08 21:0731.31.231.11RX antenna - K9AY++ : RX antenna with BPFs, preamp, controller (485 B)
diff2019/05/06 22:2231.31.231.11RX switch system - Modular 7ANT RX system (397 B)
diff2019/03/24 21:29109.75.145.22Bypass original controller G450 (907 B)
diff2019/02/22 12:0978.111.124.210Local CW keyer for remote keying (3562 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:50192.168.1.122Status page (2037 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:50192.168.1.122Rotator module version 2.1 (1528 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:50192.168.1.122Rig control daemon (1289 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:50192.168.1.120Installation-ledblink (1596 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:50192.168.1.122Remote multi rotator control (2541 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:5087.249.142.70Yaesu G-5400B (235 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:50192.168.1.122Assembling simple BOX for Modular antenna switch (351 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:50212.27.194.162Changelog (5543 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:50192.168.1.122Rotator calibrate remotely (1194 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:50192.168.1.122Sensors (1314 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:5089.190.52.171K9AY fixed Rload version 2.0 (3313 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:50192.168.1.122Assembling Module -A- rev 0.4 (3123 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:50192.168.1.122Installation-apache (1262 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:50192.168.1.122Simple WEB contest LOG (1806 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:50192.168.1.1224 rotator server power board (1456 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:50109.75.145.22Web switch 0.2 assembly (1863 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:50192.168.1.122Node-RED (442 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:50109.75.145.22Arduino MEGA 63 relay Web switch (12022 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:50192.168.1.122Solutions for HAM IV rotator - remove ground center and connect new wire (845 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:50192.168.1.122Installation-visudo (771 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:5089.190.52.171K9AY fixed Rload version 1 (3512 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:50192.168.1.122Control from smartphone (496 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:50192.168.1.122Yaesu G-2800DXA (264 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:50192.168.1.122Assemble the rack case version 4 (500 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:50192.168.1.122Installation-Node-RED (1857 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:50192.168.1.122Arduino band decoder connections (734 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:5031.31.231.11Bi-Dirage beverage (9016 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:5031.31.231.11RX antenna - K9AY simply loop feeder (549 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:5089.190.52.171K9AY_VER_1 (4412 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:50192.168.1.122Shutdown (313 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:50192.168.1.122Set Webcam (296 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:50194.228.11.40Open interface (3778 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:5087.249.142.70Open Interface Winkey configuration (497 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:5078.111.124.210UDP packet format (1198 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:50192.168.1.122RTTY settings (610 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:50192.168.1.122Web relays (866 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:50192.168.1.122Send RTTY (226 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:50192.168.1.122Backup (266 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:50192.168.1.122Band decoder preview (216 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:50192.168.1.122Send CW (40 B)
diff2019/02/20 19:50192.168.1.122Rig (188 B)