Bypass original controller G450

How connect directly with a Yaesu G450 rotator bypassing the original controller by GI1MIC

  1. On CON1 jumper pins 3 and 4 together to pull AREF to +5v
  2. Jumper P6 AC (pins 5 to 6)
  3. Remove any jumper from JP1
  4. Connect 30V 2A AC power supply to pins to pins 9/10 and 5/6 on J1 (the DB15 connector). You could probably use the transformer from the original control unit for this..
  5. G450 rotator 500ohm pot
    1. Rotator connector pin 1 to DB15 pin 15
    2. Rotator connector pin 2 to DB15 pin 14 (centre wiper)
    3. Rotator connector pin 3 to DB15 pin 13
  6. G450 rotator AC motor
    1. Rotator connector pin 4 to DB15 pin 3/4
    2. Rotator connector pin 5 to DB15 pin 7/8
    3. Rotator connector pin 6 to DB17 pin 5/6 (motor centre to one side of the AC PSU and chassis GND)

Note, the 500 ohm pot in the rotator seems to work fine without any additional circuitry and gives a voltage swing of 0 to near 5V..