RX - Common-mode current choke

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Noise Suppression by Common Mode Choke Coils

Common mode choke coils work as a simple wire against differential mode current (signal), while they work as an inductor against common mode current (noise).

Great article from Chuck Counselman, W1HIS

How Common Mode Chokes Work by W├╝rth Elektronik


Common-mode current isolation

- for 50 Ohm RG-316 coax cable 10 turns

Insert LOSS of Common-mode current choke (CMCC)

- for 50 Ohm RG-316 coax cable 10 turns


  • SO-239 connector

  • F connector


Common mode current choke

  • Common mode current choke construction
  • Wind 5 to 5 turns on one side than cross to another side of cores and wind rest turns.