RX antenna - 4-way switch KIT assembling

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rev.1.0 2/2017 by Jan OK2ZAW


  • This switch is controlled by NEGATIVE VOLTAGE: -12V!


Board Assembling

  • Use right resistors!
  • for 50 Ohm coax line use 2 x 100R/2W
  • for 75 Ohm coax line use 2 x 150R/2W

  • Place LED diode in right polarity!
  • Longer leg is + and is connected to GND on PCB.


  • Example for F connector

  • You can use Glue gun to fix F connector.

Common mode current choke

  • Common mode current choke construction
  • Wind 4 turns on one side than cross to another side of cores and wind rest turns.