Rotator calibrate remotely

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Because all rotator serial ports export to TCP/IP, available communication remotely via telnet without arduino GUI. This way available remotely communication with arduino. Ideal for remote command or calibrating procedure. Rotator one export to port 91, two on 92, etc. - see section ser2net conf on status page

Example communication after login command telnet <server-ip> 91

Connected to
Escape character is ']'.
R Rotate Azimuth Clockwise
L Rotate Azimuth Counter Clockwise
A Stop
C Report Azimuth in Degrees
M### Rotate to ### degrees
MTTT XXX XXX XXX ... Timed Interval Direction Setting  (TTT = Step value in seconds, XXX = Azimuth in degrees)
T Start Timed Interval Tracking
N Report Total Number of M Timed Interval Azimuths
X1 Horizontal Rotation Low Speed
X2 Horizontal Rotation Middle 1 Speed
X3 Horizontal Rotation Middle 2 Speed
X4 Horizontal Rotation High Speed
S Stop
O Offset Calibration
F Full Scale Calibration
Rotate to full CCW and send keystroke...

Wrote to memory
Rotate to full CW and send keystroke...

Wrote to memory

Quit with command Ctrl] quit