Outdoor GPS module FGPMMOPA6H

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Outdoor GPS with FGPMMOPA6H chip as time source with 1PPS for Open Interface III


C1,C3,C5 C_0805 piece 3 capacitor 100n
C2 C_0805 piece 1 capacitor 10u
C4 C_0805 piece 1 capacitor 4u7
R2 C_0805 piece 1 resistor 100R
R1,R8,R9 C_0805 piece 3 resistor 330R
R13 C_0805 piece 1 resistor 470R
R3,R5,R6,R7 C_0805 piece 4 resistor 680R
R12 C_0805 piece 1 resistor 1k
R10,R11 C_0805 piece 2 resistor 10k
R4 C_0805 piece 1 resistor 1M
L4,L5 Inductor_1210 piece 2 Inductor10uH
L1,L2,L3,L6,L7,L8 C_0805 piece 6 Ferrite bear
D4,D1,D2,D3,D5,D6,D7 SOT-23 piece 7 BAV99.215
U1 SOT-23 piece 1 MCP1703T-3302E/CB
Q1,Q2 SOT-23 piece 2 MMBF170LT1G
U2 LSF0102 piece 1 LSF0102
P1 Pin_Header_Straight_1x05 piece 1 CONN_01X05
U3 PA6H-GPS piece 1 PA6H-GPS
J1,J2 RJ45-LED-straight piece 2 RJ45-LED
J3 SMA_THT_Jack_Straight piece 1 SMA (optional)
BT1 Batt-VL1220 piece 1 Li 3V

How to connect to Open Interface III

  • ACC1 - TXD
  • ACC2 - GND
  • ACC3 - RXD
  • ACC16 - 1PPS
  • ACC18 - PWR


Open Interface III

Enable set to 1, with line

boolean GpsTime = 1; // External GPS via ACC

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