RX - RX triplexer (2L)

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This is simply RX triplexer. There are three band pass filters used as splitters or combiners. With very low noise and very good band pass filtering. You can use it as single band signal combiner or as the multiband antenna splitter. For example: You can split beverage RX antenna to 160, 80 and 40m outputs for the antenna switches for one RX on each band. Or you can split single band antennas (vertical array, antenna stacks etc) into one output. All bands are filtred by band pas filters. This output you can use for web based SDR or skimmer server for RBN.


  • One antenna to more single band RX

  • More antennas to one multiband RX (or more)

  • Web-based SDR, CW/RTTY/FT skimmer for RBN

  • More bands = more triplexers

  • If you want to split or combine the same bands - use 2-way splitter. <<- Web page



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