RX antenna - 2-way RX splitter with bypass relay

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The splitter or combiner is a very useful device. It can provide equal voltages, equal current, or equal power to matched or unmatched loads. Like all passive splitters and combiners, this device is less than ideal. Isolation is maximum only when at least one port are properly terminated. In this case isolation between the two splitted/combinated ports is maximum when the main port is properly terminated. This HW is designed only for RX line. There are some more high current and voltage protections on all ports. Both impedances 50 or 75 Ohm can be selected by the jumper.


  • Bypass relay:

  • RX antenna splitter for the two RX:

  • RX antenna combiner for 2el Beverage array:

  • RX antenna combiner for 2el end-fire array:




KIT Assembling

GLneon lampLamp 65V AC
C1CapacitorTHT 100nF 63V
C2CapacitorTHT 68pF 50V
PTCPTC fuseTHT 100mA to 500mA
R1ResistorTHT 150R / 2W
R2ResistorTHT 100R / 2W


  • There are two binocular ferrites
  • Both have got 2 turns. First with bifilar and second with trifilar winding
  • Clean coating from the ends
  • Place wires in right order like on the pictures
  • Check it again :)

  • Cut all wires to about 210mm (21cm) - 0,69 feet

  • Make bifilar and trifilar wires
  • You can use small PVC tube and AKU drill