n2n VPN

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Virtual private nework accesses your RemoteQTH server without public ip address.

Configure n2n VPN

  • n2n Supernode: IP or URL, can have maximum 15 characters. You can use any public supernode (for example remoteqth.com) or run own supernode - more in manual page n2n.
  • Supernode port: IP port value must be from 1 to 65535. RemoteQTH.com supernode run on port 82.
  • Login (same as Callsign): as Login is use your Callsign.
  • New password: must be at longer of 8 characters.
  • Server ip address: IP adres your server in VPN network.

Any of devices connect to VPN network (server, client and another client or server) must have a different ip address. n2n VPN form you after pressing the Apply button will offer client command for safe connect to VPN network.

How to connect to RemoteQTH server from Windows

  • Setup VPN on your RemoteQTH server

  • Download n2n client from ntop.org and install.
  • Start shell as Administrator (Menu start -> Exec -> cmd (right mouse click -> as Administrator, enter))
  • change to n2n directory
    cd <my n2n directory>\bin
  • run vpn
    edge.exe -c <my community> -a <my IP address> -k <encryption key> -l <supernode IP:port>
    Client command you can copy from server VPN form. Example:
    edge.exe -l remoteqth.com:82 -c ok1hra -k 12345678 -a
  • Open server ip adress with your web browser

How to connect to RemoteQTH server with Linux

Client side connect to vpn with

sudo edge  -d edge0 -l [node]:[port] -c [login] -k [password] -a [ip] -f

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